Wednesday, March 31, 2010

(not) user-friendly websites

The AIHce website really doesn't cut it for user-friendly.  It should be relatively intuitive to find basic information, like a Call for Submissions instructions.  I should not need Google to find it.  And, the requirements for abstracts should be directly available on-line.  It doesn't make much sense to require me to interrupt someone's day to ask for the information.  Especially since I doubt I'm unique in submitting it at the last minute.  I really hope that the information is adequate, beyond the actual abstract, e.g. title, formatting, author names, etc.

Someone at AIHA told me that at least 60% of the abstract submissions come on the last day.

oops - sorry - I can't even claim my dog ate it.  I can claim that I missed 3 days within the last week due to puking children, fevers, sick children, and sick grad students.  Oh, and perhaps even more so - I've never written one of these things before. I really feel sorry for my prof, even if I appreciate the time he took to help with this.

I'm left wondering if
a)  it will get accepted, and
b) if anyone else from our program is going, and
c) I'll get altitude sickness in Denver.

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