Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Myth (the myth of objective educated opinions)

Myths pervade even public health. Yesterday's Midmorning program had as guests professors of
infectious diseases @ Mayo
public health professor @ Pitt, and
pediatrics @ Indiana U.
Public health officials are trying to figure out why a majority of Americans, including many public health nurses and doctors, have told pollsters recently they are wary of the H1N1 vaccine. Wary to the point that they're not sure they will get the shot against H1N1 flu. A look at medical myths and what fuels the fear of vaccines.
This I need to hear. My opinion, prior to doing so, is that medical & public health officials are
a) inadequately educated about vaccines & how they are made
b) subject to the ignorance of peer-education. Rather than peer pressure, this is peer pressure exerting influence about facts. If all of my patients/clients believe it, it must be true.

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