Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hidden in Statistics

Since I've had children, I have repeatedly heard mothers demonized for letting their baby sleep in bed with mom. After a few months of insanity with child #1, I seriously thought I was coming down the post partum depression. The shrink said, "you're not depressed, you're sleep deprived."
I let my baby sleep with me. Nurse him every 2 hours by getting out of bed? When he would sometimes nurse for half an hour? Are you kidding me? No. Let Jr. sleep next to me: he nursed, I slept. This is not something which requires me to be awake. Of course, I'll probably be demonized for not looking adoringly on as my baby validated my womanhood and bonding with my child.
So - what do the statistics actually tell us?
Study says: Increased risk of crib death by 50%.
Oh, my god, get the baby out of the bed!!
But ... What are those risk factors?
Drinking and taking sedating drugs.
What if we only look at mothers who don't have those risk factors?
Wow - there is no increased risk of crib death.

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