Sunday, November 23, 2008

stupidity in action

One of my biggest pet peeves is the "modern" belief that vaccinations are no longer necessary as a public health measure. of the measles patients, 33 were from Indiana and 1 resided in Illinois. Patients ranges in age from 9 to 49 (mean age: 12). Measles vaccination was documented for 2 persons, one of whom had received 1 dose, and one who had received 2 doses. [3 doses being the magic 'fully vaccinated' number]. MMWR, vol. 54, no. 42, pp. 1073-1074, 2005, Import-Associated Measles Outbreak Now, I realize that it is possible to get vaccinated and no have immunity (e.g., me). I also realize that vaccination does not provide life-long immunity (e.g., the patients over 40). But really, 31 of these people suffered through a case of the measles (and its attendant infection-related health problems) due to a simple refusal to vaccinate their children.

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