Thursday, August 14, 2008

Uncomfortable = Unworn

So, (state) OSHA-man shows up on Tuesday for a random, unannounced inspection. My employer (for whom I'm doing an internship) handles this much, much more calmly and professionally than my last place of employment would have. I asked my boss, the Health & Safety manager for the whole plant, if I could tag along for part of the inspection. I've never been involved in one from OSHA before. Ones from CDC, USDA, DoD, state-EPA, yes; strangely enough, not state-OSHA. I'm excited when the answer is yes. So, yesterday afternoon, the boss says, hey, come along. We leave, walk across half of the plant, and meet OSHA-man and some union woman. 30 seconds after I walk into the room, union-woman looks at me and says, "you aren't wearing safety glasses." I am not exaggerating or being flip, when I say, this was the most embarrassing moment of my entire professional career. 7 years of riding people about wearing safety glasses as a safety professional, 6 years of doing it as a chemist. I wanted to crawl into a hole. So, why weren't they on? They're uncomfortable. I just got bifocals, and am getting accustomed to them. The frames got a bit twisted and lost a nose pad. They're down right annoying and are giving me headaches. So, of course, I took them off in my office & put on my regular specs. If it isn't comfortable, people simply won't wear PPE.

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